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Visiting London? 


Booked your hotel or baffled after going through the innumerable choices that are available? To solve your confusion we bring you authentic reviews on hotels in the city.


Think about a situation when you book a hotel looking at some gorgeous pictures and find none of the stunning elegance when you reach. Do you really want to be in such a situation? To help you avoid such instances hotel review sites like us come into action.


Plenty to Choose From


Thankfully, there is no scarcity of good options for accommodation in London. There are plenty of hotels that offer luxury at its best if you are ready to pay for it. Along with them there is also a wide choice available in the mid and budget categories. 

All luxuries and amenities you are looking for is loaded in the hotels of London. You have to take your pick wisely to get exactly what you have in mind. 


London’s scene in mid-range hotels has improved in last few years. There is now a wide array of high-quality hotels which are reasonably priced offering great deals at a bargain rate.


There is something for everyone in London. If you are looking for some hotel with special facilities, you can ask us for a review. We are always glad to help. We cater to the needs of all the travellers looking for a hotel to suite their individual requirements.


Before you book your hotel read the reviews from our team to get an exact idea about what to expect when you arrive.


Why read reviews before booking a hotel?


Booking a hotel without reading a review is something like watching a TV series without reading the spoilers. You just do not know what to expect!


When you book a hotel you put a lot at risk, your money, your comfort and your expectations. It is always better to know what you are heading for when you decide to book your hotel. 


However you must always rely on authentic hotel review sites. Many sites post reviews without integrity. They often make claims about facilities that actually do not exist in reality. 


Many of the sites who specialise in hotel reviews do not cater to all the categories. They often stick to hotels that expensive and cost a fortune. We believe in providing a review for all range of hotels. Be it a luxury hotel, a boutique hotel or a small budget hotel, we write reviews for all alike.


Why Us?


When there are so many options where you can get reviews about hotels in London then why choose us? We can give you some very good reasons for it.


•We value your time, money and your trust

•We have experts in this field who write the hotel reviews after a thorough research

•We do not exaggerate about facilities

•We Provide authentic information

•We cover hotels fitting all budgets

•We cover all locations in the city


We Customize Solutions for You


If you are still confused after going through the hotel reviews, we are always there to help you look for an answer to your questions. Feel free to contact us and we will surely find a solution to your hotel needs in London which fits your budget and your requirements.


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TestimonialsLisa H. Malcolm

During my first visit to London I was absolutely clueless about the right hotel that would be perfect for me. Reviews from hotels-ontheweb helped me to choose one and I will be ever thankful for that. Great reviews guys!

TestimonialsStuart A. Griswold

Our school organised a trip for 30 kids to London.Choosing a hotel for them was an easy job as the reviews on hotels-ontheweb were extremely clear and uncomplicated. The kids enjoyed their comfortable stay in London thanks to the reviews on the website.

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